Watch This Space – Online Conveyancing

We are very excited to announce the forthcoming launch of our Online Conveyancing Portal. We are investing heavily in increasing efficiency and convenience for everyone involved, real estate agents, clients, bankers, etc.

Update: The National e-Conveyancing network is fast becoming reality. The current online infrastructure and framework is being developed by National e-Conveyancing Development Limited (NEDCL). NEDCL will aid in the electronic lodgement of Land Title dealings, including registrations, transfers, discharges of mortgages, caveat lodgements and more. It is a platform to allow different accredited parties to complete document and monetary exchanges for property transactions. NEDCL is an online conveyancing facilitator between different stakeholders within the industry on a national level.

Provey is dedicated to updating its processes aligning itself with the NEDCL and the national electronic conveyancing framework.

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