When purchasing property in Victoria, it is both common and recommended to obtain a building and pest inspection report on the property. This involves engaging a professional who conducts thorough inspections of the condition of the property to identify any existing or potential issues and hazards. This is a valuable report as it can provide peace of mind knowing the property you are buying is safe, or it could deter you from purchasing a property which was less than ideal.

It is essential that you ensure the inspector you have engaged holds a valid licence. This is important firstly as it assures that the inspector has undertaken the required training and possess the required knowledge and skills to conduct a thorough inspection. It also means that the inspector must adhere to professional standard codes of conduct, giving assurance to purchasers that a thorough inspection will be completed.

Whilst sometimes purchasers obtain an inspection prior to entering into a signed Contract, it is quite common for purchasers to sign their offer subject to obtaining a satisfactory building and pest inspection by a certain date. The General Conditions 21 and 22 which relate to the inspection reports stipulate that the written report must be obtained from a registered building practitioner or architect. Due to the simple insertion of this word, if a report is obtained from an unregistered inspector and major structural defects or pest infestations are found, you may be unable to withdraw from the contract.

To avoid any issues, make enquiries with your inspector prior to engaging their service. You can search if your building practitioner is registered with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) here.

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